3D Wooden World Map

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3D Wooden World Map Jacobean

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3D Wooden World Map Ebony

From: 11,999.00

3D Wooden World Map Pecan

From: 11,999.00

3D Wooden World Map Espresso

From: 11,999.00

3d Wooden World Map India

A 3D wooden world map is the centerpiece you’ve been missing in your home or office space if you are an avid traveler like us or anyone who relishes world travel and geography! Our minimalist and modern 3D wooden world maps are made from high-quality Russian birch plywood with flawless engravings.

Product Details

Map Sizes

Find the ideal 3D wooden world map size for that special spot in your home. We have 

  1. M—100 cm x 60 cm (i.e. 39”x24″)
  2. L—150 cm x 90 cm (i.e. 59”x35″)
  3. XL—200 cm x 120 cm (i.e. 79″ x47″)

Map Types

We offer different colors and options for country names. 

Blank Option

The blank option does not include country names but borders are included.

When to buy a blank map?

It’s a good option if you don’t want countries’ names on the map. 

Basic Option

The basic option includes countries’ names and borders with countries’ capital names. However, countries’ capital names are not available in M size.

When to buy a basic map?

Buy the basic option if you want countries’ names and borders with capitals (not available for M size).

Prime Option

If that’s not enough, you can go for the prime option. The additional features included in the prime option are major cities’ names (not available for M and L size), flag push pins, and Antarctica. 

When to buy a prime map?

You can buy a prime map when you want Antarctica and push pins with your map. The prime option allows you to mark the memories of your visited places.

Choose the one that fits your decor style.

Map Colors

Our 3D wooden world maps come in eye-catching shades. They are:

  • 3D Wooden World Map Espresso
  • 3D Wooden World Map Pecan
  • 3D Wooden World Map Chestnut
  • 3D Wooden World Map Ebony
  • 3D Wooden World Map Jacobean
  • 3D Wooden World Map Multicolor


  • Precision

We create a high-quality 3D wooden world map with a laser-cut precision.

  • Handmade Finish

We handcraft each wooden piece in our workshop to magnify the finest details on the map.

In The Box

The 3D wooden world map has the following in the box:

  • Boats
  • Compass 
  • Ocean names 
  • Wooden planes
  • Instruction care card
  • Corner stencils
  • Special double-sided adhesive tape
  • User manual
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Thank you card

How To Buy A 3D Wooden World Map?

We make buying a 3D wooden world map easy for you. Just follow these easy steps before placing your order:

  • Take wall measurements.
  • Go to the product category page to check the range of maps available.
  • Select the map you want for your wall.
  • Select the three options (blank, basic, and prime) available. You can refer to the options guide if you find it difficult to pick one.
  • Select from the available size (M, L, and XL). Please refer to our size guide for dimensions.
  • Click on pushpins if you wish to add them to the cart for an additional cost. They are complementary with the Prime, XL option.
  • Select the number of 3D wooden world maps you wish to order. The number count is 1 by default.
  • Tap on ‘Add to cart.’

If you mistakenly miss selecting any tab, we will generate an additional dialogue asking you to choose that particular tab. 

Trust us; it’s that easy.

Order 3D Wooden World Map

Place your order for a 3D wooden world map!

Once you place the order for ’ready to ship,’ we will dispatch your item at the earliest. 

If you have placed an order for ‘made to order,’ we will start designing your map just the way you want it. We will also send you a design proof for final approval before dispatch.

Shipping & Delivery

Step 1: Once you place your order with us, we start working on it with the designers.

Step 2: After the item passes through the final round of quality checks, we pack them in a premium bubble wrap and handover them over to our trusted delivery partner.

Step 3: Our delivery partner then works to bring your parcel to the doorstep at the earliest possible. If they cannot reach you or your destination for unavoidable reasons, they will contact you.

Note: We will send all the shipping details over the mail address and contact number provided by you. You can view the status of your item using the link provided in the shipping detail mail.

What is the estimated delivery time?

The delivery time depends on the following factors but is not included to

  • Availability of the birch plywood
  • Availability of the size
  • Type of order— ’ready to ship’ or ‘made to order.’

However, we try to dispatch your item within 7-10 business days of the order placed and deliver it at the earliest.

We know you are as excited to design your wall as we are to design your item.

How To Assemble A 3D Wooden World Map?

Assembling a 3D wooden world map is a fun family activity.

Designed to be more than just art, you can use this big jigsaw geographical puzzle for educational purposes. 

Get your kids on board if you wish to familiarize them with the world map. It will hardly take 1-2 hours to assemble it.

Follow the simple instructions mentioned in the manual to place the map correctly on the wall. 

Step 1: Start by laying out the pieces on the floor and keep the map image in hand before fitting them together like a puzzle. 

Step 2: Clean your wall to make sure it’s not dusty.

Step 3: Take the two stencils in the box and mark out the upper left and right corners of the map on the wall. 

Step 4: Don’t forget to measure between the wooden map and the wall with measuring tape. Ensure you have the map perfectly in the middle of your wall space. 

Step 5: Start by placing the left and right destinations. Place the remaining pieces between them once you place the left and right in the position. 

Step 6: The map pieces have special double-sided tape attached on their back, strong enough to hold the pieces in place, and it is implausible that a piece would ever come off.


  • We don’t recommend removing something that looks perfect on your wall. 
  • However, if you ever want to remove it, we recommend using heat on the map to make the tape softer. 
  • Once softened, the tape won’t rip out the plaster, and you will have your wall as it was before the map was there.

How To Return A 3D Wooden World Map?

For ‘made to order’ pieces, the brand does not offer any return or refund. They can only be replaced in case you receive defective, incomplete or incorrect products.

However we’re so sorry to hear you’re unhappy with your product; we fully respect your decision.

Follow these simple steps to return your ‘ready to ship’ product to us!

Step 1: Log in to the website with your username and password.

Step 2: Go to the order section on the website.

Step 3: Select the product(s) you wish to return.

Step 4: Select the reason for the return.

Step 5: Confirm the return request.

Step 6: Once your return request is accepted, one of our delivery agents will knock at your doorstep to pick up the return.

Note: Please ensure to return the product within the estimated time frame. Wrap the product and belongings securely in the box. We are sure you will.


Once we receive the product at our place, we perform quality testing to check everything is in place. 

Don’t think we doubt you. Because we are not—it’s just part of our process.

After the product passes the quality test, we initiate the refund, which might reflect in your account within ten business days.

We are so sorry for the miss!

But in case you’re still looking for a similar product, feel free to reach out, as we would love to customize the right product for you.