Custom Wooden Map

Our custom wooden world maps are handmade works of art with great attention to detail. We customize your maps keeping all your requirements in mind to turn your living room into a beautiful and timeless space. We moreover never compromise on quality— we use high-quality Russian birch plywood to engrave every minute detail our client has asked for. Our custom services

  • Add unique color to the map (as specified by you)
  • Have flexibility to design your map (any continent, any island)
  • Have maps available in different shapes and sizes (choose one that will fit nicely on your wall)
  • Add specific cities and places names that hold a special place in your heart.
  • Add your logo on the map
  • Select your favorite language
  • Design your maps under the designer's guidance


Want something unique that separates your home/office walls from your relatives, friends, and colleagues' wall? If yes, you can never go wrong with a wooden world map.

We customize your map just the way you want it.

We have a wide range of colors and three options (blank, basic, and prime) available to get the look that best compliments your room's wall.

Customize Product?


    Do you remember the last time you ordered a frame for your room? It didn’t fit on your wall? And you waited for 20 days. Little did you know you would have to return it once received.

    Our wooden world map saves this hassle.

    We offer three different sizes (M, L, and XL) of the map. You can order the size that goes well with your wall size.


    We add all the cities and locations that hold a special place in your heart.

    • City you were born,
    • City you graduated from,
    • City you proposed to your partner,
    • City/Place where your parents first met,
    • Country/Place you have gone to on a family trip,
    • And all the special places that make your heart smile.


    Personalize your business. Promote your brand logo and add another feather to your branding efforts. Just mail us your name and logo, and Voila!


    Our custom wooden maps are available in popular languages, including English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Indonesian, and any other language you may specify.


    We get all our products designed by experts. Once you have ordered your requirements, our expert designers will try to bring your needs to reality.